‘Our best days are ahead’. New Miami commissioner sworn-in and ready to get to work

Standing alongside her two sons, newly elected City of Miami District Two Commissioner Sabina Covo was beaming as she stood in her pink pant suit in the commission chambers waiting to be sworn into duty Saturday afternoon.

“We know that our residents want to love where they live and to achieve this we must move to protect and enhance the quality of life of our community,” she said. “I know our best days are ahead and that we can get things done if we work together….”

Judge Lody Jean, of Florida’s 11th Judicial Circuit Court, swore Covo into office — but not before noting that the new commissioner was the first Hispanic American and woman to serve Miami’s district two.

“When Justice Ginsburg was asked when will there be enough women on the Supreme Court, she famously answered nine. So I want to congratulate Commissioner Covo for breaking another glass ceiling,” Jean said.

After thanking her family, campaign team and the community that came out to vote for her, Covo, 43, said she is ready to get to work and better the community.

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